At AlpinHaus we have the Best Guarantee in our Industry.

We are simply that confident in our Dogs.

Hip x-rays to inspect the Dog for genetic dysplasia.

Our Guarantee is Simple

We guarantee that AlpinHaus Dogs will be and remain free of any genetic diseases until they are 5 years old, including any genetic problems with hips and elbows. If there is a problem is this regard AlpinHaus will provide another Dog free of all charges except those of handling and delivery. Thereafter, from 5 years old until the Dog turns 8, we will offer a 20% reduction in price for a new Dog in the event that a genetic disease is developed during this time. Any new Dog AlpinHaus would provide would be trained to the same level at least as the previous Dog.

Based in Europe and the United States – We Hand Deliver Worldwide.

United States: (855) 922-3101

Europe: +33 06 47 91 40 91