At AlpinHaus making Protection Dogs that are completely safe is just another part of the sophistication that we tailor into our work. As we often say, the perfect Protection Dog is one that you would never guess is a Protection Dog. Our Dogs lie on the spectrum from affable, friendly, courteous and loving to completely neutral. Always stable and sweet. Never aggressive unless called upon to be so. To properly accomplish this takes a lot of work and know-how.

It is much more than simply exposing the Dog to life outside the home, although that is certainly part of it. Perhaps most importantly, Post-Protection Socialization must be properly dialed-in so that in the event of active Defense actually coming to pass, the Dog will be able to be truly turned off and restored to its natural happy state immediately, thereby posing no risk to anyone unnecessarily after it has done its job.

Post-Protection Socialization

At AlpinHaus our Dogs have the ability to be switched from ON to OFF and back again. And again… and again. We consider this capability so important that we train it to the highest and most extreme level possible: that being when a Protection Dog can be so effectively turned OFF after Protection that it can actually go play with and be loving to someone they have just defended against and fought in aggression with. …And then be called back from this state of perfect social being into an ON state of aggression and defense to take Action again. And then turned OFF again after this.

All without any hesitation or confusion to the Dog. This is just another of many AlpinHaus Capabilities that we create in our very special Dogs and is a capability that we consider necessary for any true Protection Dog to have.

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